• ‘‘পারসোনা রুপান্তর’ পাঠ্যক্রম... is for young people who have just completed school and want to enter the arena of both personal and professional life putting their best foot forward.
  • The Restart workshop is aimed at those who are coping with the ‘empty nest syndrome” – the children are grown up and everybody is busy with their lives. A vacuum forms slowly and one realizes one has nothing much of oneself to fall back on. This person may have been very talented, intelligent, ambitious. But is now left empty handed and lacking the confidence and conviction to start again…..Press the ‘Restart’ button!!
  • The Restart workshop is for working professionals who find themselves in a rut or those relocating for higher studies abroad. It builds up their faith in themselves and their self-worth and may even help some to completely turn the tide of their lives by discovering abilities about themselves which were suppressed or ignored.
  • The Restart workshop is all about winning over all the failures we had… and we have all had failures!!!